Do you give group discounts?
Yes, we give discounts to parties with 20 or more people. Please
contact us at least 2 days before your desired date.

What’s the best way to avoid lines?
As we get closer to Halloween, the lines become longer. We suggest buying tickets in advance online from our
tickets page, or during operating hours in the parking lot for future dates. Our onsite tickets are not dated, which means you can redeem them any night of the haunt season, as long as we have not called capacity. You can always upgrade to a FAST PASS to skip shuttle and trail lines as well.

Is this year’s haunt the same as last year’s?
Of course not! Though some sections are similar, staff members work year-round to make sure the experience is bigger and better than the previous season.

Do you have a waiting area?
Yes, we have a few waiting areas specifically designed to accommodate long lines. After parking, you will be shuttled to the trail entrance by a member of our staff. Within The Lost Hollows, you will find food, entertainment and places to sit.

Do I have to wear closed-toe shoes?
Yes. Anyone wearing flip-flops or heels will be asked to come back when they’re wearing the closed-toe shoes necessary for a trek through the woods. Though we have made every attempt to remove stumps and smooth out the terrain, there are still areas where you will be required to climb small slopes.

Are the actors on the trail allowed to touch customers?
We are a “no touch” attraction, which means our actors will not touch you if you do not touch them. Due to fog and dim lights, an actor might accidentally brush up against you; but they will not grab you or force contact.

Are there emergency exits?
There are emergency exits throughout the trail. In the event of an emergency, we have several floating actors and security to help escort anyone out.

Is the trail fully accessible?
Unfortunately, the trails are not yet accessible for wheelchairs. We do, however, have high hopes for continued success that will allow us to grow our attraction to one that is accessible to everyone.

Is the attraction open if it rains?
One of the scariest things about our haunted attraction is that it’s in the middle of the woods. This is also one of the most unpredictable things, since weather can shut down our entire operation. We won’t close the trail just because rain is predicted; but once it starts pouring, we will have to close down the attraction until the rain stops. Rain checks are available for those who are on the premises but have not been able to go through the attraction.

How long does it take to go through the trail?
This is a difficult question to answer and changes each time we add to the trails. This year, Deadly Pines will take about 45 minutes for those who walk through at a steady pace. Others might run through in fear in 20 minutes. Our longest group to date took over an hour, because they were too scared to move. Please note that, though we can estimate trail times, we cannot estimate wait times. The closer we get to Halloween, the longer the lines become. Our longest wait time for Deadly Pines last year (from shuttle line to trail entrance) was four hours. You can often avoid these lines by arriving before sunset, by purchasing a FAST PASS, or by visiting the trails in late September/early October. We also tend to be less busy when the McNeese Cowboys have a home game.

Is there security on site?
The Lost Hollows has full-time security, as well as security cameras. We also have several Deputy Marshals on duty.

Do you sell food and beverages?
Yes. Concessions are available at the initial drop-off point and at the end of Deadly Pines.

Is photography or videography allowed?
Photography and videography are allowed in the waiting area, but not on the trails. If you’re caught taking photos or recording video, your camera will be confiscated.

Can I enter the attraction when I’m drunk or stoned, hit the actors, or destroy the props?
As in all public venues, foul language, pushing, vulgar behavior, alcohol, drugs and/or weapons of any kind are cause for removal from the premises. In an effort to provide the most enjoyable experience possible, the creative team behind The Lost Hollows has visited haunted attractions and conventions throughout the United States; and extensive research has prepared the staff and security team for possible scenarios which might arise.

How can I volunteer for The Lost Hollows?
Visit our
volunteer page for directions.

What if I have a question that isn’t answered on your website?
Please email us at with your questions, and we will respond as soon as possible.